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Lindy James's Profile

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Facilitator ID 43
Facilitator Cert No 0
Facilitator Name Lindy James
City Aptos
State CA
Country US
Email lindy@lindyjames.com
Certified No
About me (Interests, credentials, hobbies, family) It is my great joy to assist you in finding the Permission Zone in your life! With all the rules from our society, our culture, our family, plus whatever emotional baggage we've accumulated, we often live as if we do not have permission to be our true selves. We generally aren't given the guidance of how to listen to our hearts' longing, and don't have the tools to get past our self-imposed obstacles, even if we do hear a faint voice from somewhere deep inside us. Isn't it time to do something about that? Let's get into these bodies and learn to feel what wants to happen next!
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My Profile Page http://cuddle.theplayfulcircle.com/facilitator_page.cfm?facilitator_id=43


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