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  Santa Clara

  February 2018 Tribe Building Playshop
  Saturday, February 10, 2018
  11:00-3:00 PM
Party Type All-inclusive -- no wait list
Led by Yvonne Shevnin
Cost $30 (see donation details)
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Notes The Tribe Building Playshop is self-exploration experience… in the container of a loving community. We will be creating a “Field” of “We-ness” thru deep listening and attunement to the field of connection within our group. We will explore questions and issues emerging from our collective consciousness and utilize our crowd-sourced wisdom. We will: • Experience “giving presence” and “being gotten” • Experience the profoundly exquisite moment of NOW • Explore our unified tribal dreams • Form small teams and create together • Experiment with meeting everyone’s needs in creative partnership • Identify our group intention, meaning and purpose • Use self-inquiry to discover what separates us from love, relationship, connection and mutual purpose It will be a deep-dive into loving tribe - while focusing on powerfully expressing our individual truth. We will do stretching, dancing, create music and cuddling and inspire joyful, playful, healthy togetherness. End of Day features Zegg Forum and Puppy Pile!!

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